HealthyCo Labs believes that our innovative product will aid in expanding current practices by helping patients address the often overlooked cause of some of their most common ailments. As patient needs continue to grow, the need for test distribution will, too.

As a convenience to our distributors, our HCL Intolerance Test Kits are packaged in sets of ten to allow for multiple test participants without reducing the quality of each test. Each kit contains the necessary testing supplies along with a unique bar code assigned to the person taking the test. Affiliates can register the bar code directly onto our user-friendly site through our fully secure portal. This will eliminate the need to print forms. While completing the intolerance test, hair samples are placed into the assigned zip-sealed bag (with the registered bar code) and then sent to our lab for processing. Upon reaching our facility, the bar code is scanned and allows for immediate access of the person’s intake form. Once lab testing is complete, the user will receive a notification and can simply log into the portal to find their easy-to-read results. Another bonus? Because we are a U.S. based lab, we can provide users with a faster turn-around time than our foreign competitors, providing users with expedited results.

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