HealthyCo Labs believes that the health food, nutrition and wellness markets are a perfect fit for this product as your customers are keenly aware of how the food – especially the right food – can impact their overall health. We are proud to present both a user-friendly product and an easily accessible web portal to accommodate the needs of retail markets.

We have recently enhanced our U.S. based lab with enough equipment and staff to handle over 2000 tests a day. Also, our individual food intolerance tests are available for purchase in sets of 10 to allow for multiple test participants per order. Once a customer purchases the test kit from the retail location, the instruction sheet inside of the kit will direct the buyer to a website with a secure portal where we take care of the rest. In other words, upon purchase by the customer, the retailer’s job is done!

The initial purchase of our testing kits will also provide retail partners with marketing resources and access to professional multimedia presentations. These videos feature various health professionals explaining the importance of food intolerance testing in an easy-to-understand format.

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